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Nisson fast idle

I have a 2004 Altima that I cleaned the throttlebody and now it idles fast. I was told I must do a relearn idle procedure . How do I do this? Thanks Dick

Check to make sure you didn’t disconnect a vacuum line on accident.

Check that the intake tube doesn’t have a split and that it’s seated on the throttle body and air filter housing. And, the electrical plug to the MAF sensor is reconnected?
There was a reason you cleaned the throttle plate and bore. Did the problem improve?

the Altima was running fine. No codes showing. Was idling at steady at 750rpm. Car has 72000miles. While installing new OE platinum plugs,$10 each, I thought I would do some preventive maint. and spray the throttlebody with CRCthrottlebody cleaner.Everything,hoses and wiring, was reconected correctly. My neighbor,a retired machanic, says it sometime happens and needs the computer needs to relearn the idle but does’t remember the procedure for this car. Thanks

Any relearning will be done by the car without human intervention.

Check the operation of the throttle. Does it fully return to its stop when you release it?