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2003 Acura RSX-S brake light shenanigans

Hi all,

I recently came to notice that 3 of my 4 brake lights were permanently stuck on with the inner passenger’s side light working normally. I removed the panel under the driver seat and found that a piece attached to the pedal arm that pushes in the brake light switch had broken. I replaced the broken piece and now all the brake lights except for the inner passenger’s side light function normally, which no longer works at all when pushing the brake pedal*. Any ideas?

EDIT: some additional info: When using the key fob to lock/unlock the doors, all the lights function normally.

Thank you in advance!

Is the lamp okay? I will switch them around and see if the problem moves.

The rear brake light lamp has two threads, one for hazard and one for brake, so when one goes out, its behavior is a bit odd, the hazards are on until you push the brake pedal and then all goes dark on that lamp.