Brake Lights

I have a Honda Accord 1992. Recently the brake light on the trunk at the passenger’s side will not turn on. The light behind the backseats of the car also won’t turn on.

I’ve already taken apart the wire connection and checked the bulbs. Both are fine. All the back lights work fine, it’s just the brake lights that aren’t working. Anybody have any ideas what might be wrong?

How about the brake light on the drivers side? Does that one work? If not, then the problem is most likely the brake light switch at the pedal, either out of adjustment or broken.

If the drivers side brake light does work, then it is not the switch. Id say it pretty much has to be bad wiring somewhere.

I have changed the brake light switch at the pedal,and wire connector at the back of the trunk and that seemed fine but it still doesn’t work. The drivers side brake light does work, so where do you think the bad wiring could be?

I found a bad connector plate on my son’s Sierra last weekend. None of the lights worked on the rear drivers side. The bulbs were good. Voltage at the socket with the bulbs removed was very low. Voltage after disconnecting the lamp assembly was nearly 12 volts. The brake light bulb socket had overheated and carbonized making a low resistance short. I cleaned the socket and scraped the carbon off the plastic and it worked fine. There can be many causes of bad lights in vehicles, this is just another I haven’t heard mentioned. I have replaced fuses, bulbs, and had to insulate frayed wires before also

You need to look at a wiring diagram & see where/if the wires are spliced.

On my 87 Ranger theres no splices for the brake lights.
The wires run directly from the turn signal switch to the turn signals/brake lights.

On most cars there IS a splice somewhere.

Is there a splice on yours?

Does your car
have the lamps out warning indicator on the dash?

If it does the module for it could be bad.

Yes my car does have the lamps out warning indicator.
Where is the module located?