One Rear Brake Light Fails - Not The Bulb

I have a 2003 Honda Accord 4 cyl AT with 1110,00 miles.

I recently noticed that the passenger side brake light was not working when the brake is applied. The driver’s side and top (middle) brake lights are working normally, as are the tail lights, turn signals, etc. I tested the bulb and it’s OK.

Can anyone suggest a place for me to start looking for the cause of this problem? If so, many thanks!

First I would take the bulb out of the socket and test for power at the socket. If there is then the contacts in the socket and the contacts on the bulb are connecting. If there is no power at the socket check for a loose/dirty or broken ground and/or start tracing the wires back to where you get power.

Swap the bulbs left to right. Bulbs frequently test ok briefly even if they’re burnt out.

Thanks, I did that swapping both bulbs and sockets – only the passenger side is not working with either set. Any other ideas?

Any other ideas?

Yea, Somewhere between where the power is delivered to all those lights and the wire that goes to the one that is not working needs repair. A wiring diagram or just following the wire until you get to the problem will tell you want needs to be fixed.

    1. A typical place for the wire to break is at the hinge of the trunk (assuming that the light is in the trunk).