2002 VW Passat

My car drives great, 'til I take a left turn at most lights. When, only when, there is someone sitting in the passenger seat there is a clunking that comes from the right from wheel. Once the turn is executed it goes away. When I am by myself there is no sound. Some of the wheel well plastic is eaten away like that could be the case. I was just wondering if maybe it was a cv joint issue? Every time I take it into the VW dealership they take it for a test drive with only one-person and obviously can’t hear what i’m talking about b/c of the weight bearing issue that causes the sound. Any suggestions??

Go on the test drive with the VW technician. It could be the tire hitting the wheel well, or a CV axle, or a wheel bearing, or a ball joint, maybe a bad strut mount.

In order for a VW tech to look at my car for anything, including an oil change, i have to leave it at the dealership ALL day, sometimes two days. I will definitely try that though. Thanks for the reply.

There is absolutely no reason why either one of the techs, the service manager, or the service writer (who admittedly may know nothing about car repairs) can’t take 5 minutes to come out for a quick spin around the block with you in order to confirm the noise you are hearing. INSIST on it.

To be honest, I have not had any service worth mentioning from the dealership. They are glub, rude, and never listen. Nothing against the technicians there, its just that the service has much to be desired. I appreciate your feedback, and I will insist that they ride tandem to try to figure out what is going on. Thanks for your help.

You have confirmed what the majority of VW owners report, namely inept work and rude treatment from VW service departments. Additionally, they charge a lot of money for this treatment!

Since the car is at least 7 years old and is no longer under warranty, I suggest that you find an independent VW specialist in your area. There tend to be a few in many locales, simply because so many VW owners find the dealership service departments very difficult to deal with.