2004 Passat Whop Whop noise

I have a 2004 Passat 2 wheel drive. I’ve noticed when going around right hand corners there is a Whop Whop noise seeming to come from my passanger side front tire. If I he really slow you can not hear it while going around corners. But I’m only hearing it going around right corner. I’m not sure what it is. I’ve went and has my rim and tires looked at. I took it in for a fuel filter to be put on and because I’m going out of town I had them inspect the my car they said nothing.

You should have a competent mechanic look at your CV joints.
(Note: “Competent” does not include the guys working at chain-run operations)

I took it to an independently owned import auto service. How serious is something like this. My daughter and I are supposed be to going out of town. About a 500 mile round trip. Could this be to dangerous to go?

How soon a trip? If you have it in the shop already, this should not take more than a day.

On the other hand, I put several hundred miles on a 03 passat with a bad CV joint. (don’t really recall how long it was) The service manager told me it could go quite a while that way.

It sounds more like a defective tire…Carefully inspect the tires for uneven wear…

It’s also possible it’s something simple. Check the rubber (plastic?) matting between the wheel and engine compartment, and around the entire tire. It might have come loose in one spot, and the tire could be hitting it as it turns.

Edit: Put on some old jeans and an old t-shirt, and push gently on those things. Compare the drivers side to the passenger side. If you find something loose, it should be a simple matter to secure it (with the right fasteners - which you probably won’t have). Any local shop should be able to secure it for you, if it’s the problem.