Clunks and Squeals

My VW Passat is a 2003, 5 speed manual with 85000 miles on it.

As I accelerate from a stop and depress the clutch and ease off the gas to shift, I hear a clunk. The same happens when I shift to2nd gear. I dont hear it when I shift to other gears. Any idea what it is?

Second question: I hear a sharp squeal, as if metal on metal, at lower speeds. I’ve had it in to two different mechanics with different things being “repaired.” The most recent was a serpentine belt replacement. (It was needed but did not stop the squeal.) The first was a replcaement of some device having to do with the car’s steerage or suspension–I have no idea what.

Any ideas?

My guess is a CV joint. Your symptoms would be classic. The only way to know for sure is to get it up on a lift.

Thanks for your reply. Just a follow up question. To which of the problems would this relate: the clunk or the squeal, or both?

Could be both, but the squeal is likely something different. It could be as simple as a brake wear indicator. Or perhaps a serpentine belt tensioner.

Does the squeal change when braking?
Does it change when accelerating?
Does it squeal when accelerating the engine without the drivetrain engaged (like in neutral or P if it’s an automatic)?

Pop the hood, manually rev the engine, and see what you can hear. The source might be obvious.