2002 VW Cabrio Window Seal / Regulator Issue

Our mechanic again replaced the window regulator mechanism (we now are on the 3rd regulator mechanism) on my wife’s 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio. This time it was under warranty because it failed within 3 months. When he replaced the window regulator the last time the top of the window impinged on the rubber seal which caused a gap at the side of the window. This gap is still an issue with the newest window regulator installation.
Our issue is when the window reaches its full height, the top of the window impinges on the (convertible top) rubber seal at the top of the window. This impingement does not allow the side of the window to seal. There is now a gap between the side of the window and the seal.
Our mechanic says there is no adjustment of the maximum height of the window. Is it possible that he is unable to adjust height of the window during the process of installation of the window regulator mechanism ?

You should be able to adjust the angle and height of the window from two hex screws that control the motor alignment. On a Beetle, they are accessible from the bottom of the door. Not sure on the cabrio, but maybe the same.