New guides AND new regulator?

Just been to VW service due to drivers door window make a squeaking sound when I open/close it. Sounds like the window glass rubbing off the rubber guide.
The diagnostic recommended replacing the regulator and the window guide saying the regulator has caused the window to be off square and therefore rubbing off the guide?
Obviously I’m thinking the regulator is fine as no issues with it working so does that part really need to be replaced? Can’t they simply realign and replace the guides to stop the squeaking ?
Thanks for any feedback

The only way to know for sure is to remove the door panel and see what is going on.Sometimes a little lube will take care of the squeeking.

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The mechanic took the panel off for the diagnostic. I’m just abit wary they are trying to charge me more for a regulator, which works perfectly. He confirmed the squeaking noise is the glass rubbing off the Guide and might be noise free for 6 months, but possibility that the regulator isn’t working correctly keeping the window straight so noise may return? They are charging £200 for the guide and £250 for the regulator.

If this is an actual VW dealer shop they are trying to make sure you don’t return in a few weeks with the same complaint . It sounds like you are not under warranty so check with a body shop for a second opinion .

We don’t know the model year of this VW, but weak window regulators were a known problem on various VW models for several years. The percentage of VW owners who had to replace the window regulators was… significant.

That’s exactly what he said, he would rather replace the whole unit to avoid a call back in 6 months?
Just I haven’t had very good experiences with garages. Seem to push for all the extra bits of work that don’t necessarily need to be done?

It’s 2014 cabriolet but as I said regulator is working fine, opens, closes and no clicks or getting stuck. Just the noise where the glass is rubbing off the guide.

The regulator is a mechanical system and will wear over time. It’s possible that it could be misaligned due to wear. The drivers door window will get more use than any other. If it’s the dealer, they will replace the regulator with a VW unit, and it is the highest price unit available. You might try a different shop. Anyone should be able to do this. Ask everyone you know for a shop recommendation, then try one that is recommended a lot. Tell them they were recommended when you go in. A little flattery might help.


The regulator and window motor are most likely a complete unit. To me it sounds like the motor is working fine, but the regulator may have guides in it that might be noisy. If so, possibly just “greasing” them would bide you some time, but the noise may eventually come back. The only way to see if that actually is the noise is to grease only the slides/guides. If the noise goes away, it’ll be your call as to try it and see if/when it comes back or to replace the unit as a whole. Im not one much for replacing only the motor or regulator, I only do the whole unit.

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Sometimes a parts store like Advance Auto Parts will have knowledge on local Techs that do good work but dont charge what a dealer charges.

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