2002 Volvo V70 - Rebuilt trans cost?

How much is a rebuilt transmission?

You will just have to get estimates because your location is unknown , what shop you might use and what is actually wrong with the transmission .

Look here. RepairPal.com

It IS a 17 year old Volvo so maybe have a stiff drink before you look it up 'cause I’ll bet it is pricey $$$$$$


The reality is that it isn’t that expensive - as transmissions go. The bigger issue is finding a reasonable shop.
If you can do it yourself, you’re looking at about $700 for rebuild kit and torque converter.
You can probably swap a used one in for about $1000-1500, depending mostly on shop rates.
Going the reman route will probably be in the $3000 range.

I strongly recommends getting 2 or 3 shops to look at any transmission problem, if possible, unless you have already found the one in your area that is not a den of thieves.