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2008 Jeep Patriot transmission rebuild estimate

Is $500 in labor costs fairly accurate and fair for rebuild or replacement of a Transmission?

It could be in your location or the type of shop you are using . Shouldn’t you be concentrating on the entire invoice ? Or just get other estimates .

No, you won’t get a transmission replaced for $500.

To have a rebuilt transmission installed would cost $3000 to $5000.

Correct , but Dee is asking about the labor charge as if anyone would know how that is in her unknown area .

The labor to replace the transmission (w/AWD) is 8.6 hours, 6.2 hours for front wheel drive. The labor to rebuilt the transmission is 15.4 hours.

You guys are real JERKS!! I was asking a basic ?based on the bits of quoting I received, given I went with a used vs rebuilt W/O having any #’s available on a rebuilt!!!

Thank you,


@DeeReices Not a good idea to put your name , email and phone number on an open web site full of jerks.

I’m not afraid of ANY OF YOU!!

@cdaquila Carolyn , do you want to use your magic edit wand here ?

Hi Dee, I am sorry that you feel the answers were unhelpful. People provided information based on what they were given. No need to be afraid of anyone. Good luck with your transmission repairs.