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Does anyone, more or less, know how much it would cost to repair a transmission in an '05 VW Jetta 2.5?

It All Depends On What Is Wrong With It, Who Fixes It And Where The Work Is Done.
It Could Cost Less Than $100 Or More Than $2,000. It Needs To Be Properly Diagnosed.

Are You Talking About A Total Rebuild ?
What Exactly Is The Problem ?
What Is It Doing Or Not Doing ?
What Have You Been Told And By Whom ?


It also depends on whether the transmission in question is automatic or manual.
This information, like the other missing information noted by CSA, is important in order for anyone to give even a general guesstimate.

The way that the question is currently phrased is sort of like saying, “I have a pain in my abdomen. What is wrong with me, and what would the treatment be?”.

Any where from $0 to more than the car is worth.

When I Worked At Car Dealers And Somebody Asked For Such An Estimate The Answer Given, Jokingly, Was
" It’s Going To Cost A Lot Of Money . . . And That’s Just A Rough Estimate. "

You should get a good estimate from an INDEPENDENT transmission shop, not a chain like AAMCO. That will give you a realistic figure. The dealer will at least double that figure, and if a complete overhaul is needed, the dealer’s figure ($2000 or so more) will be more than the value of the car.

Hmmm…With the elapse of 4 days with no clarification from the OP, I guess that this is just one more “drive-by” question that will never get a good answer as a result of the missing info.

I know this may sound like heresey but I have always included dealer estimates along with the independent’s. I have gotten some work more cheaply done or referrals to specific shops that even the dealer farms out work to. The dealers around here have gotton the, " if you can’t beat htm join them" attitude with respect to a few specialists. Then, if you find out who they deal with, go directly yourself. One in particular was a transmission service shop who handled all major work for several foreign car dealers. I would check. I agree, I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting a better deal, but I would “bug” everyone.

@dagosa I actually do the same thing; on something significant like that I have a transmission shop that will be reasonable and reliable. The dealer prices usually are “wild” by my expereince.

A friend had a Mazda 6 4 speed auto. The dealer quoted $4500 for a rebuilt, and “my shop” said they would do it for $2500 by rebuilding the exisiting one. My friend decided to scrap the car since it was 15 years old.

Yes, by all means shop around. My Toyota dealer charges slightly less for an oil and filter change than the local fast lube chain.

I agree that dealers can sometimes do a job for less than anyone else. I had my timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, and coolant changed for $100 less than one quote and $300 less than another; both indie mechanics. @CSA suggested I remember the dealer and I’m glad he did.

@jtsanders were all of those quotes including camshaft seal, crankshaft seal, timing belt tensioner, idler, etc?
Some shops don’t include the “small stuff” in their quote in order to appear competitive.

I would hesitate to reply to any thread started by someone who calls themselves “WHITEGIRL”…The transmission is the LEAST of this girls problems…

None included them