2002 Trooper


I just had my 2002 Trooper in for its 75k service interval yesterday. Last night I realized that my low beams no longer come on but I still have the high beams. I checked the connections and the fuses and they all looked good. Anywhere else I should look?


the bulbs


When you select low beam, does it get very dark, or just not change?


On the low beam setting they are out. I did get them to come on after letting the hood slam shut - I let it drop the last four or five inches but they won’t come back on if I turn the switch off and back on again.

That sounds like a bad relay to me, but it also could be a bad connection including a possible bad ground.


That was my suspicion at first. Took it back to the dealer and they checked the circuitry and everything passed. They replaced the bulbs and I’m good to go now but I have my suspicions. They had it on the service floor for 2-1/2 hours and didn’t charge me anything so I’m wondering if the tech did something that might have caused a surge or something on Saturday. I’ve never had both head lamps go bad on the same day on any car I’ve ever had and while it is possible I have to wonder…


I don’t know what could have been serviced that would have caused a surge and burned out the headlight bulbs. When you slammed the hood, you probably jiggled the filaments so the bulbs would work temporarily. If the bulbs were the same age, it is possible that they both gave up at the same time. It may also be possible that one bulb had been out for a while and you didn’t notice it.