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ok my headlight switch went out and when that happen my headlights stop comin on and so the only way i had lights is to hold my high beams on. so i bought a new switch and changed the bulbs and all the fuse are good. pls need help had this problem for about 2 months

Your headlight switch doesn’t control anything but electrical power to the headlight system. If you could get your high beams to come on by pulling back on your turn signal it is most likely it is your multi-function switch that is bad. You have to take the steering wheel off to replace it so I don’t suggest you do it yourself.

Sounds like he might be holding the high beams on with the “flash to pass” feature

Flash to pass probably bypasses the headlight switch on the dash which might be dead.

OP, did you change the dash switch or the multifunction/dimmer switch?

ok so i dnt need the new turn signal switch lever like oreilly and autozone keep saying because when my headlight switch went bad thats when my turn signal switch wouldnt click back nomore like it use to before the light switch went bad but the headlight switch is good now and still no low beam lights what is causing this

pls help im bout to just buy the turn signal switch lever and see if that works thats my only choice i can think of fuses are good and brought new bulbs 97 dodge intrepid 3.3l v6