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2002 Saturn SL2 front brake rotor has unusual wear

recently I replaced the front rotors and pads on my 02 Saturn SL2. I did this because there was a grinding sound coming from the front left wheel well and I had noticed a band around the rotor that looked gouged. All in all, about 30 minutes of work, following the Hanes manual. In the course of disassembling the front left caliper, I realized that the cause of the gouge in the rotor was from one of the tensioning clips on the caliper bracket. One of the flaps on the clip had bent back and was causing both the grinding sound and the gouge in the rotor. So naturally, I replaced all the tensioning clips as well. After putting everything back together, I took the car on a quick test drive around the block. The noise, while lessened, was still present. Furthermore, after I got to work this morning, I noticed that that there is the start of the same wear pattern on my brand new rotor.

What could be causing this problem to reassert itself?

When you installed the retaining clips, did you take a channel lock pliers and sqeeze the tabs on each side of the retainer to lock it onto the bracket?


If you take off the wheel, can you in fact see something in the caliper ass’y scraping on the rotor?