Steering/wheels issues


I have a question about my 2002 Saturn SL. My car is making “grinding” noises with each revolution of the tires. I brought it to a garage and they replaced the brake pads but the sound didn’t go away. They told me it’s okay, but I doubt it. On top of that, when I turn the wheel all the way there is a sound as if the front tires were touching some part of the car’s body (but looking it myself, doesn’t seem to be the case), and when the car moves I feel as if the car where stepping on something every time the front wheels complete one revolution. Could you please tell me what could be wrong with my car?


Diego A.

Sounds like a bad wheel bearing. That’s not ok. Serious safety issue. You need to find a good independent shop to handle this. I have been told there’s a list on Car Talks website, and probably one in your area.

If you have a CVI (CVT) transmission, there was some sort of recall for that type of sound and my Saturn Vue was fixed for free.

The '02 SL series would have had a four speed auto or five speed manual. As for the noise, it does sound like a wheel bearing issue to me as well, and it’s not okay. Get a second opinion from a reputable shop. Ask friends, family, coworkers, etc for a good place to take your car for repairs.

Thank you all for your answers. I will get a second opinion from a different shop.