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Saturn SL1 Front end problems

I have (had) a 2001 Saturn SL1. We have had to have the front bearings replaced four times since we purchased it, used, in 2004.

I had the front right one done last April, and had to have it done again in December.

The car sat outside this winter, and wasn’t driven much after a long (800 mile) road trip in December. When I recently tried to drive it, suddenly there was a horrible clanking, grinding noise coming from the left front wheel area.

I had it towed, and learned that the left front spring had broke; when it snapped, it cut the brake cable. The right side spring was also broken, and the bearing was already loose again. The left bearing was also bad.

We live in NE Ohio and had about 5 feet of snow this winter. The car had to sit outside (for the first time in its life, as far as I know.) Could the melting snow on the car caused rust that caused the bearings and the springs to break?

Bluebook price for a car in that condition is $1400. Does it pay to have it repaired?

Its probably worth getting repaired, its hard to find a car that gets that kind of gas mileage these days, but I think you need to find another mechanic. You are either getting inferior parts or inferior workmanship, or both.