Noise from rear when braking



I have a 1997 SC1 automatic 4-speed with nearly 148,000 miles on it. About a month ago I had one of those national chain shops overhaul the rear brakes - new drums, pads, the works. I also had new tires put on and a complete alignment done. A couple of weeks later, I started hearing a “knocking” sound coming from the rear of the car when I put on the brakes - especially if braking suddenly/harder. Thinking that perhaps the brakes needed some sort of adjustment, I took my car to the local shop of that national chain over the weekend, since the work is under warranty. They told me I needed the bearings replaced on one of the rear wheel hubs. When I called the mechanic at the other shop to ask if they had taken a look at the wheels when they worked on my brakes, he told me that they had not noticed any problems with them and that normally worn bearings do not make a “thumping” noise, but more of a “roaring” noise. Thing is, it does not sound at all like a roar - and not exactly a thump either - definitely more of a knock or click. I went ahead and had the bearings replaced, since obviously that’s an important safety thing, but this morning I’m hearing that noise still, albeit now much quieter. I’d appreciate any ideas anyone has.


Forgot to add for anyone who doesn’t know - an SC1 is the older model of Saturn sport coupe.


If the bearing was bad, the drums may have gotten a weird wear pattern due to the misalignment of the drums to the brake shoes. Getting the drums turned may fix the problem.


Okay - that’s at least a place to start. My question is: could the drums have developed a weird wear pattern so quickly? The noise started only about 2-3 weeks after the new brakes were installed.