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2002 Pontiac Firebird - Before I start this thing

I’ve recently aquired a 2002 pontiac firebird trans am with the 5.7 V8, she’s been sitting for 8 years but ran fine when it stopped. Where should I start?

Do NOT start the car. The old gas, even with stabilizer, will mess up your fuel system.
Drain gas, refill with fresh.
Change oil and filter.
Might do a brake fluid flush too.
Then I would remove all the spark plugs, squirt an ounce or so of low viscosity oil into each cylinder. Then, with plugs still out, engage the starter, hopefully this will prevent damage to the cylinder walls.

Question for other responders-think the fuse should be pulled for the fuel pump when doing the above? What about drain and fill transmission?

Then install the plugs and start the motor.
When running, I would then service the cooling system.

Other responders, I would like to hear your comments.


Yes, pull the fuel fuse or relay when spinning over the engine. I would change the trans fluid after starting and driving a bit to warm it up. That will drive off most moisture but a drain and fliter for an unknown car is recommended.

Agree with everything else you mentioned! 8 year old fuel can cause mess of issues. You forgot to mention to replace the battery with a new one because the old one is junk.


Yeah mom couldn’t afford the gas anymore so she parked it outside in the north carolina weather for the last 8 years and now it’s my problem. But I’ve done just about everything stated before, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Thanks for the help!


I won’t post a link but if you put ( How to start a vehicle that has been setting for years ) in Google you will find lots of videos that might show you things that you are not aware of.