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91 Firebird wont start

I have a 91 firebird that I can not get to run. The car is getting spark and fuel to the injectors. I checked all the injectors to see if they were all pulsing and I found one that was bad. I have replaced 2 injectors, ecm, ignition control module, Fuel regulator, plugs, wires, cap, rotor. If I spray ether into it it will run until it burns it completely. Also the fuel pressure is at 48 psi and the car calls for 45.

Thanks for your help

If you do indeed have gas and spark, that leaves compression. Have you done a compression test?

We have done a compression test and the cylinders all have consistant compression. I just cant figure out why it will run off ether but not off fuel.

If it will run on ether is should run on gas. are you sure it is gasoline and not water or something else?

We took the line off of the fuel rail and poured some one the fuel into a container and checked to see if it would burn. It does burn but it has a slight green tint to it. Should we dump out all the fuel and try over again?

Yes. Oldtimer 11 hit the nail right on the head as usual. Dispose of the fuel in the gas tank. Your entire fuel system will have to be flushed out as well.

Ok I will go do that and see where that gets me.

Thanks for all of the help If anyone else has anything to add please do cause I could use all the help I can get.

I also came up with a number 12 code, which came up with no tac signal to ecm. What is that?

No tac signal usually means a crank sensor problem. It may be a bad crank sensor or faulty wiring. The ECM is not receiving an engine rotation signal.

I cant seem to find the crank sensor on this car. Do you know where it is located? I was told on the side of the block or in front by the timing cover and all I see is a knock sensor and oil pressure.

Code 12 (Blink…blink…blink) just means the computer is in diagnostic mode. It isn’t a trouble code.

If the fuel quality is questionable you might test it by pouring a small sample on the cement and throwing a match on it. It should go up in flames instantly.
If it takes a few seconds, or more, to get going then there’s something wrong with the gasoline.

Well we drained all the fuel out of the tank and the rails and we are at the same place. If anyone else has some ideas please let me know.