Starting problem

I have a 88 T-bird that was parked in my garage for 10 years and hasn’t been started in those 10 years.I drained the fuel tank and replaced the fuel pump.I also replaced the fuel filter,spark plugs,distributor cap,rotor,and starter.I put in fresh gas with some injector cleaner/isoprophyl.When I try to start the car it turns over,wants to start but won’t stay running.Any suggestions?

You may need to rebuild carb but you can try to have someone push gas peddle about 1/8th, around 2000rpms while squirting starting fluid in air cleaner to keep it running.
Try to loosen top of air cleaner about half an inch, maybe hold it up with little piece of wood and use straw and spray a squirt stop then squirt. keep doing this to keep it running till hopefully it will run on it own.
Sea foam or lucas is the only treatment that I would use.
If you can get to gas line,maybe at filter and pour some right in line then start till it get into carb then let it set to break varnish in carb.

Check the fuel pressure.

The old fuel may have varnished the fuel pump and stopped it altogether.

not related to the starting problem, but change the oil, put in a new filtre, drain and replace the coolant too. It would not hurt to power bleed the brakes and clutch system before you take it out on the road, once you get the starting problems solved.

Bottom line: check to see that you have good gas flow thruogh the carb. If your accelerator pump isn’t providing a good spray down the hole when you manually activate the accelerator linkage, you’ll need to at least clean the fuel line and filter out and perhaps rebuild the carb. You might be able to get away with blowing carb cleaner through the carb, opening up the circuits and the orafices, you might not.

Your float or needle valve could be stuck too. Shoudl you have to get to the point of rebuilding the carb you’ll find that out.

I replaced the fuel pump

My guess is your fuel injectors need more help. An easy way to test is to see if it runs fine for a short time after a shot of starting fluid.