Help me please

I have a 1991 Pontiac Firebird formula and i think my room mate might have hooked the jumper cables incorrectly when the battery went completely dead. well one of the wires fried by the battery and we replaced that and we checked all the other wireing and that seems to be fine to. now i am a chick that does not know anything about cars and i dont really have the money to pay a shop. the car will crank over but that is all it will do. it will not start. any suggestions on what to look at next or what might be the problem? PLEASE HELP!!!

Purchase a can of starting fluid. Remove air filter cover, and give a quick blast of the starting fluid up the tube to the engine. Now try starting the engine. If the engine starts but then stalls, it’s a fuel issue. If the engine won’t start after spraying the starting fluid, it’s an ignition problem.


thank you for anwering. i will find someone to to help me try this
anymore suggestions