Firebird 1986 2.8 6cy

the sparks turn balck it stay at high ide. the tram dont shift down til it hit 25. an it smell of pure gas.

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It’s a boat anchor. You need a new boat.


Find a mechanic to fix the fuel leak before something catches fire. Also, have him adjust the carburetor leaner, and adjust the fast idle cam on the carburetor. Change the transmission fluid and filter. Change the air filter.

Believe it or not, the 2.8 was fuel injected by 1986.

I seem to remember these cars having a weird sort of fuel injection setup… multiport but with an extra enrichment injector? If you car has one, you should check to see if that is leaking. Also, a bad coolant temp switch can make things run too rich. Really, your description is pretty vague. Is the check engine light on?