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Fickle radio


I think I have some electrical issue. About a week ago my radio started shutting off and on but itself while I was driving. When I parked and tried to turn on my dome light, the radio turned off completely. The dome light didn’t come on. I have an aftermarket radio/cd player that has been in the car for about a year and a half.

my car is a 91 Chevy S-10 Blazer, with only 81,000 original miles. I have had no real problems with it.

Is there something I can do to diagnose the issue and avoid a costly visit to a mechanic just to find out the problem?

I wonder if the radio was connected to the same circuit as the dome light. I suppose the chassis ground for the radio may not be making a good connection and the radio is seeking a ground through the domelight. I would begin by checking the fuses. I would also look at the power connections for the radio to see what the after-market installer may have done.

I left out one piece of vital info…the radio no longer turns on at all. it has been working fine for over a year till now.

This would suggest that the radio either isn’t getting power, or the chassis ground is defective. A simple test light with one side connected to a known chassis ground should let you, or a shop, know almost immediately whether the radio is receiving power.