2008 Ford Focus hard start

last few mornings experiencing hard starting problems. Engine indicating light remaining on. Battery checked & replaced. Still same problem. Once started initially a lot of exhaust smoke.ODP meter at 212,000km

Is that anything like the
There’s Something Wrong With Your Engine And You Need To Check It” light


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If you mean the check-engine light, then one or more codes are stored that you need to read and post here. In the U.S., most auto parts stores will do this for free, but I don’t know about in your country.

Fuel injector leak down? Sure sounds like it.

Could be. If holding the gas pedal to the floor while cranking makes the engine start more quickly, that would support the leaking injector hypothesis. A can of injector cleaner with Techron in the fuel might be enough to fix it while it’s being driven.

Good luck and please let us know.