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2002 Isuzu Rodeo motor cuts out, CEL comes on

Hullo …The motor will continually cut out (check-engine signal) after a ten k run and continue to deteriorate (cut out intemittently) … The momentum of the car then enables the clutch-starting again but with the associated ‘kangeroo hop’ … When I get to my gravel driveway then the bumps cause a ‘check engine’ sign to come up again and then simultaneous cut-out of the motor …sometimes then when restarting at that point the motor will keep cutting out when attempting to engage the gears while stationary… Much work has been done thus far re points, petrol pump replaced, crank angle sensor and checked electrical supplies …timeing belts/chain(?) and service generally with all fluids replaced…So back to square one … What’s the problem still?? I ponder …Would be most grateful for feedback please/thanks, cheers Jason

Has anyone actually scanned the codes from the check engine light?

Yes … thanks … It turns out that the computer sitting on top of the engine most likely will be the prob … so by an auto-sparky recommendation have put it now on a bench in Melbourne being analysed … and I’m pin Qld … pheew … aparently a normal procedure !!!
Am waiting return of said computer … all other avenues have been tested … Chrs (edited) …

Best of luck. BTW, which Melbourne? Australia or Florida? (I had a grandfather who lived in the Florida one.) Or maybe another one?

That’ll be Australia … Chrs … Yeah I’ve spent a few grand so far for the old Ute and prob another g on the computer … pheeew … a new car almost … thanks for thoughts …