2002 honda accord



had to replace front struts, passenger side upper lower control arms, rear brake caliper that siezed, ignition switch(covered by recall)seat belt buckle, (causing air bag not to deploy) covered by recall. windshield wiper motor rods. the tranny likes to hunt for gears sometimes with a brief slip ( i use only honda atf)all this at only 63k mileage. and thats why im thinking Toyota next time!


That’s a pretty good list of reasons, Pete.

Just don’t let the floor mat slide forward in your Toyota.


yes i heard about that. i left out info about 2003 6cyl accords having transmission problems as well as the odesseys. im thinking tacoma with a 5spd.


Tacoma is a good choice. Get the 4-banger and if properly maintained it’ll last to infinity and beyond.


That’s what they told him about the Accord.


Shall we play you some sad music?


and a tissue. thanks mytnbike at least you had some good info!


You’re welcome. Both my '79 Toyota and '89 Toyota had 4-bangers and they lasted the lives of the vehicles. In the '79 it was until the frame rotted out. In the '89 it was until the truck got totalled…17 years and 338,000 miles after I bought it. Both engines and drivetrains were still fine and neither ever burned excessive oil.

By the way, Toyota solved that root problem that caused the '79’s frame to rot out.


“…i left out info about 2003 6cyl accords having transmission problems as well as the odesseys.”

And there is no reason to bring it up. The problems were with the 2000-2001 model years, not 2003. Intelefix finds that there are not excessive failures reported in 2003 Honda Accord transmissions. There can be infrequent problems with Toyotas, too.