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Need some info. on Accords transmission issue

Along with the 2001 Mazda I am considering (see “…unusually low miles” thread) I am also considering a 2001 Accord, EX with 87k miles. Unfortunately it has an automatic transmission. Here’s why:

1. I prefer a vehicle with a standard transmission anyway

2. I always hear about these things going out prematurely and costing $2500-$3000 to fix. Yikes.

Is this car still worth considering, or should I insist on finding a 5 speed version or just a different car altogether ? For the record, I have my heart set on another Accord but I am considering others as well. This is getting frustrating! This will be my first car purchase i.e. not an old hand-me-down and I just want to make the right decision. Thanks.

Stick with a manual transmission. You will be happier because it’s what you want and you will get better fuel mileage.

There are 5-speed Accords out there. Keep looking.

What was wrong with the low-mileage Protege?

I have yet to drive both the Honda and the Protege’ (I go to school out of town so I have to shop on the weekends). Thanks.

Honda HAD a problem with their Automatics for a 2-3 year period starting in 2000. If you can find an Accord earlier or later then 2003 you should be OK. Or just keep looking for a 5-speed manual.

I think it was only the V6 Accords with the bum tranny. I also vote to stick with the stick shift. I’ve owned two autos in my life and they were both stolen. Probably by ignorant teenage thieves. Never again.