New Brakes Problem



I have an '02 Honda Accord and got the front pads and rotors replaced at a local mechanic in August. Ever since, they have been squeaking (high pitch). From what I have read, this squeaking could be normal due to the new materials used. However, sometimes I feel as though the brakes sort of crunch (not sure exactly how to describe it)…its not a grinding noise but it almost feels like my brakes or my car is sliding (it almost makes the car shudder). I took the car back in and they said nothing is wrong. I don’t feel comfortable driving the car because I’m afraid someday I’m just going to keep “sliding” right into another car. Does anyone have a suggestion (I don’t know really anything about cars!). Thanks


Properly installed brake pads on a Honda Accord should NOT make any noise. Period. They didn’t make any noise when the car was new, and they shouldn’t make any noise now.

That’s all you need to know.


Thanks, I don’t know if I should take it to a dealer at this point and pay the extra money to put “dealer” parts in or if I should take it back to the local mechanic and have them put new parts on because the one they installed are still under warranty. Any explanation for the vibrating/sliding?


You don’t need the dealer, you need someone who will use the right materials and do the job properly. Squeaks can be the result of the wrong parts or improper installation. The good point is that squeaks are seldom an indicator of a safety issue. In any case if they squeak there is something wrong.


I hope that they installed the pads correctly (pads are not upside down and shims are not slipped off or missing/mismatching, etc.) and with noise-reduction grease on ALL pad/shim faces (except the face that meets the rotor). I have a 2000 Honda Accord 4dr (identical to 2002 Honda Accord) and always install pads myself and the only time I got speaking noise with ceramic pads whenever I stepped on brake lightly was that I forgot to put the grease between the shims (two shims).