2002 ford Taurus

My car stopped in the middle of the road after going 55 mph.it wouldn’t go drive or reverse. I did get It to go in neutral so I could push it out road. It has done this before but after stopping putting in park then drive it would go but not this time.what could it be and how much would it cost.please help

“it wouldn’t go drive or reverse” ?? What exactly do you mean? The engine would not run? The starter would not crank? Or do you mean the engine was running but the car would not move?

In the latter case, the problem would be with the transmission. You should get the car towed to a good transmission shop. Preferably an independent shop.

+1 to BillRussell’s questions and comments.

If the engine starts but the transmission does not engage, then the problem almost surely lies in the transmission. As to cost, you might luck-out, but I suggest that you prepare yourself for a bill in the area of $1,500-$2,000.