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'95 Taurus Transmission Problem?

I have a 95 Taurus. It has 128,000 miles and is in good shape. It is a 3rd car and is only used in the winter. I am having a problem with what seems to be the transmission, but I am not convinced that the problem is the transmission. Occasionally, after I leave the garage and head to town for a quick stop, I go to take off again and the car will not have overdrive, drive, or first, only reverse. If I let it sit for an hour, it will move forward fine. This never happens from a fresh start at home, only after a quick stop. I took it to a reputable transmission shop and they dropped the pan and found nothing out of the ordinary. The fluid was literally perfect(volume and color), and there was very little, if any metal in the pan. The car has never made any kind of bad transmission grinding noises. When the car is running, the shifting seems smooth and perfect. This incident has happend 4 times now. The transmission shop said they’d rebuild for $1600. Again, I am not convinced it is the transmission.

Any ideas? Am I in denial?

No ideas on this one?