Another 05 taurus transmission disaster

on my way home on a subzero night, my 05 taurus slipped out of gear and like anne’s, seemed to be stuck in neutral, except for park. now its on a chicago side street. i don’t have $500, let alone 2000. what should i do?

If you have a transmission specialist diagnosis this transmission, have him/her write down the professional opinion on what might be wrong. If the transmission is openned, repaired, and/or rebuilt, have the shop write down what parts were defective and needed replacement. Please reply this information to the this post so the ‘lurkers’ can have feedback on what is going on.

This problem needs first person attention, i.e. eyes and brains on. We are too disconnected from the problem to advise you effectively. At least have a qualified transmission technician do some diagnostic testing and give you an estimate for the repair costs. Ask around for recommendations.

Hope that helps. Good luck.