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Won't shift into drive

I had my car towed to the shop today because when I put the gear in drive, the engine would gun like it was in neutral. It would go in reverse, but not in drive. I asked them to check the transmission fluid and it wasn’t low. Any ideas what it could be and how much it might cost?

I don’t have an answer to your question, but I suspect it would be helpful to others if you supplied your make, model, year, and any maintenance history that might be relevant. Good luck.

2001 Honda Civic. Never had any problems before.

Not to be a downer, but when my Olds did that, my forward clutches were shot and needed a trans overhaul. Had to back out of the parking ramp to a surface lot where it could be towed. I never had any warning either but it was about 10 below out. I suppose there are some simpler things but with the history of those transmissions, I’d get prepared.

This is never good. You could get lucky on something simple, but Honda had lots of bad troubles with transmissions in the '00-range of years.

Figure $2500-4000

Don’t leave the car with a general purpose shop. You need a shop that specializes in transmissions - a locally owned shop rather than any kind of national chain.

Will it move at all in L1 or L2?? The trans needs to be rebuilt but I was just curious.


Doesn’t sound good :frowning: It doesn’t go forward in any gear.