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Transmisson Problem

We have a 2003 Ford Taurus, and a few weeks ago while coming home the car acted like we just put it in neutral or something. So we stopped on the side of the road shut the car down for a little bit then it would not restart. So we had it towed home a local shade tree mechanic had me replace the starter because he said it went out. We did and now the car will start and run but will not move in reverse or foward gears. I do not think I knocked anything lose while installing the starter. We have been told everything from a sensor went out, the trouqe converter is stripped out, or the front pump is out. What do the guys of Car Talk nation think?

you should take the car to a reliable transmission tech.

Might get better advice by posting on the Taurus site

Was the transmission fluid checked? That’s the first thing that should have been done. I don’t understand why the starter went out at the same time. A good transmission shop will get get you going again.