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2002 Ford Explorer 4x4

My High and Low 4x4 indicator lights are flashing intermittently. It does not seem to be related to how long the car is running, my speed, or the terrain. There is some hesitation in the car when the light is flashing. The dealership ran a diagnostic and still cannot find the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I still do not have the car back. I talked to the mechanic 3 times yesterday, and still no luck. I was hoping it was a sensor, but I would also have thought they would have found that pretty quickly.

I think you would be better off going to a tranny shop and have them hook up a scanner to pinpoint the fault.

When shifting my GM 4x4 from 2wd high to 4wd low, only the 4wd low button will flash until engaged then goes off.