4x4 high

My 2005 Ford Explorer has the 4x4 light blinking every once in a while, some times the brake light comes on, and it feels like it is in 4 wheel drive, can’t get it out.

The 4x4 lamp is blinking due to a fault in the four-wheel drive system. Take it to a Ford dealer and have them scan all the modules on the network. Most likely, a fault code will be stored which will assist in proper diagnosis. The module will blink the lamp to alert you there is a fault in the system. Alan

If you cannot get the Xfer case out of 4WD…you need to have a look at the shift motor on the Xfer case…its actually EZ to take off and have a looksie…sometimes they stop themselves “just so” and find the one tiny little “dead spot” on the motor armature… This has happened on my 91 Explorer a few X. I would take the Xfer shift motor assy off and once it was off you hit the 4WD button and make the motor actuate (hopefully it does) sometimes a little tapping on the motor case w/a hammer jogs it enuf to “catch” and work normally again…then hit it again to get it back to the spot you need and re-install it…When I had mine off I took the motor partially apart and cleaned up the armature and brushes…lubed it and put it all back…never an issue since