Turn signal

I have a 2004 ford explorer with single indicator issues. When I turn right or left the indicator light turns on but does not blink, the front and rear lights just stay bright. This issue happens most of the time but not every time and the hazard lights work all the time. I ordered a new switch thinking this was the issue; well I have a new switch and an old problem. I have been told that it could be the relay, however my though is if it was the relay wouldn’t it happen all the time? Could it be a short, how would I start looking?

Well in the old days any time the lights lit up and the dash indicators lit up but the lights did not flash or would flash slowly, you would just replace the flasher. It was the round cylindrical deal. If you had a trailer you’d put the bigger one in because of the extra load. I suspect the relay now has the same function as the flasher, unless there is also a flasher. The 4 way can use a different one. So yeah, for $10 replace the relay.

There are other youtubes that might be better.