1999 Ford Expedition 4x4 light flashes when NOT engaged

Hey- Shortly after I bought my "99 Expedition, the 4x4 light on the dash began flashing. The vehicle is in standard all wheel drive, and had not recently been in 4 wheel. Now, it will go into 4 wheel, light stays steady, the 4 wheel drive is working, but when I disengage it, the light returns flashing when in all wheel drive. In other words, the 4x4 light flashes when in all wheel drive, the light stays on when in 4 wheel drive. I don’t think the light should be on unless the 4 wheel drive is on. What do you think could be wrong with the soccer wagon?

The flashing is a warning sign something is not working right. There are codes for the error problems that can be read. Start with someone or a dealer that can read the codes.

I guess the same guy put in my fuel gauge that did your 4X4 light.  My low fuel gage is on all the time, except when the fuel is low.  

Having said that, I don't worry about mine, as I doubt if it has any connection that cause a problem other than the odd light.  I am fairly sure my problem is a computer problem, but I am not as sure about yours.  I wish I could direct you towards a fix, but I fear I lack the knowledge to offer any real help.  OK I will make one suggestion.  If it were mine I would be tracing the wires that are related to that light.  It sure would be nice if you had a wiring diagram.

Have you had any prior issues with it?

There are no codes in the computer for FLASHING- checked with an auto scanner with no results. Even the owner’s manual has NOTHING about 4x4 light flashing…only the LOWRANGE light indicating a problem. Thanks for your input! Should have added these details in original question!

Well, I hope neither of us paid that guy too much! Actually, I should have clarified that we only got this Ford last fall, with 109k miles on it. We do think the brain is having “senior issues” since sometimes the odometer goes out, then comes back on, the ABS light comes on and goes out. Oh, sometimes the dash looks like a Christmas tree! We don’t have a wiring schematic. Just mostly concerned about if there’s something wrong w/ 4 wheel drive system that I really don’t want to destroy. Maybe replace the entire dash! I can’t complain w/ the way it’s running, but don’t have any background to compare to. Thanks for your thoughts.

Ford dealers have the ability to check more codes than autozone. Try one.

A generic scanner won’t pick up these codes. You need a Ford specific scanner. If the light is flashing, there are stored codes.

This is a signal that a cash injection is needed, maybe a MAJOR cash injection…