2002 Dodge Stratus door locks, interior light, trunk release

My daughter’s boyfriend attempted to install a cd/stereo in her 2002 Dodge Stratus. He failed. Now we do not have a radio, and the door locks, trunk release, and interior light do not work. The door locks will work with the remote when the ignition is on, but not manually. What did the genius do, and how do I fix it?

Its sounds like he didn’t buy a wire harness plug adapter kit for the radio. If he did then he would have wired the new radio directly to the adapter plug with the directions that come with the adapter. After the adapter plug is wired to the new radio then its a simple matter of unplugging the plug from the back of the factory radio and plugging it into the adapter plug on the new radio. No factory wiring would have needed cutting, plus you would always be able put the factory radio back in.

At This point you may need to take the car to a Auto Sound shop and have them fix the wiring, and install the radio. There maybe some blown fuses.

Or do a complete reversal of what he HAS done to get back to the start.

After all has been re-hooked up and taped (shrink wrap connections where possible), check all the fuses and relays pertaining to the components that went off.

Then, buy the adapter Americar suggested (with the instructions) and continue on.