Losing my mind trying to install this radio!

I have a 2002 ford focus zts. I’m trying to install a new radio because the volume dial on my Ford radio (model 4600N) is borked. The one I’m trying to install is a Boss model 611UAB.

the plugs in the back are completely different. Does anyone know of an adapter that can go straight from one to the other?

Check https://www.crutchfield.com/S-7Zs411l9sOw/


What you need is an adapter plug that plugs directly from the new unit to the car’s OEM wiring harness. I’ve used these adapters more than once, and you connect them to the new unit right on the kitchen table following easy directions, then you simply unplug the old unit and plug in the new one.

You’re going to have to go to the internet to find the one you need. I would not ever attempt to install a new unit in a vehicle without one. Butchering wiring harnesses is the cause of countless car electrical problems.

Check with where you bought the radio. They should have the adapters or should be able to order the right one.

I just replaced one and at “Best Buy” they provided me with the proper adapter when I bought the new radio.


Best Buy is a good recommendation.

They used to sell them at Sears, and even Walmart (I bought one there once) but I don’t think they do anymore.

sound system wiring has become quite complicated and without an proper adapter it might be worthwhile to find a professional to install the radio. Pop up antennas, stereo speakers at several locations and links to various modules makes for real nightmare of wires to unscramble. I can assure anyone getting involved with such a project that just because there is a black wire from the new radio and a black wire from the car’s harness left over after all other connections are made according to the instructions connecting those might be a big mistake.

crutchfield.com is a good place to start research, follow their “what fits my car” wizard

if car has on-wheels controls, making these to work with aftermarket stereo will most likely require buying a kit priced like an inexpensive radio itself

going eBay for the used unit from Ford may be a better option if sound quality is not a paramount