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2002 Dodge Dakota Headlight Problem

My Dakota’s left headlight doesn’t light up. The low beam filament was blown but the high beam was fine. Once in a while when the high beams are on the left will come on. Put new bulbs in and same problem. The “motorheads” at work said to check the ground. Checked the connector, ground was good but nothing on the other two contacts (lights on, of course). Any ideas?

Manual Or Automatic Transmission ?


Automatic,4.3L V8 4x4

I Wondered Because 2002 - 2003 Dakotas With Manual Transmissions Were Recalled For Headlamp & Dash Wiring Problems Caused By The Clutch Pedal Chafing Through The Harness.

Automatics were not part of the recall.


Thanks for your help anyway.–Dutchman57