2002 Chrysler T+C electrical problem?

2002 Chrysler Town and Country decided not to start today, hooked the cables up and it fired right up. Drove it around a mile or two then brought it back home and turned it off. Ten minutes later, the car wouldn’t start again. The battery is one year old. Tried to charge it again, and it went crazy. First-wouldn’t turn over, then the front wipers turned on/off/on, then the rear wipers turned on/off/on, but the clock light wouldn’t come on. I rechecked the cable, came back to the car, and everything was dead. Tried to “crank it”, which it tried to do (with no other power going in the car) but couldn’t. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is? I was thinking about buying a shotgun and putting the car out of its (and my) misery. All help is definitely appreciated.

Even though the battery is only 1 year old, it sounds to me as if that may be the problem. I would take the battery to a place that sells batteries and have it tested to see if it will take a charge.

Is the battery ground connection strong? Can you check the voltage at the battery?

I’m checking the battery, battery connection, and charge right now. I’ll let you know if that was the problem, thanks for the advice.