2002 van intermittently won't start

Our 2002 Town&Country fails to start from time-to-time. The ignition, battery, alternator have been replaced. All cable connections have been checked numerous times. Starter was checked and is okay. The problem appears to be related to the remote and/or security system. Even rolling up the windows before starting engine will prevent it from starting. Our mechanic is stymied, as are we. Suggestions??

It would help us to know what is going on when you try to start the engine. Does the starter work at least and spin the engine crankshaft? If the starter does work is the ignition system working?

Nothing happens. There is no sound at all. The not starting appears to be preceded by using the remote to open the tailgate or lowering the windows before starting up the engine. Following such an episode and after waiting an hour or so, it will then start.

In that case clean the battery connections. Even if they look ok. Also clean the main ground cable and chassis ground wire coming from the battery. If that doesn’t help then check the power connection to main panel under the hood. Make sure power is getting to the fuses with a good load on them. Use a test light tied to a good ground point on the car chassis and verify that power works ok to that point by touching the tip to the battery plus terminal while trying to start the car. If that works ok then start checking the power in the panel under the hood. The trouble could also be with the ignition switch so if the panel under the hood checks out then look into the ignition switch area and dash fuse panel.

Another thing to do is make sure the battery doesn’t have a internal connection problem.

Thank you! We will give these actions a try.