2003 Chrysler town & country

I replaced the battery and spark plugs. She started then shut off and will not restart.

Was everything ok before that? How long did she start and run for before shutting off? Is the starter cranking it over just fine, but it won’t fire up? (Is there gas in the tank?)

How many miles are on it? Has the check engine light been on? What do you know of its maintenance history beyond, but including, oil changes?

I’m always suspicious of a broken timing chain/belt when an engine starts then immediately stops and won’t start. Unlikely on a 2003, but worth considering anyway.

The answers to cig’s questions are essential if we’re to help you.
I’ll add one more: what was the reason you changed the battery and spark plugs? What was the problem?

Please post back with the answers. We do want to help.

You may have to reset the security system due to the battery change and loss of power to systems.