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Chrysler Town and Country tries to stall every 10 seconds

I have a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country with a new battery. While driving it tries to stall every 10 seconds, like clock-work. If I give it a little gas, it won’t die. Sometimes the stalling causes the “cruise” indicator to come on and sometimes the speedometer drops to zero.
Any idea as to the cause?

I would start checking battery connections. Sounds like you have a complete loss of power for an instant then it comes back on. These can be a real pain to track down if it is not the battery terminals

Did the new battery make any difference?

Older Chrysler minivans had a problem at the connections where the cable plugged into the circuit board for the instrument panel. The part of the connector that is soldered to the board would develop cracks at some of the individual solder points, causing all sorts of strange panel issues and also driveability problems.