Dash Lights

i have a 92 buick lesabre and the dash lights went out, still have all other lights working, any ideas?

Check the fuse, and make sure they haven’t been accidentaly dimmed all the way down.

do you know where the fuse would be located, i have checked almost every fuse

Also make sure someone didn’t accidentally turn the dash light dimmer all the way down.

everything is good, no apparent blown fuses. how do i check the bulbs? just incase they blew simutaneosly somehow

Check to see if your tail lights are working. The tail lights are often on the same circuit as the dash lights. If the tail lights aren’t working, it may be the fuse. If the tail lights are working, and the tail lights are on the same circuit as the dash lights, check to see that the dimmer control, as suggested, is not turned down. I did have a dimmer control burn out which left me without dashlights in a 1990 Ford Aerostar.

my tail lights are working. i have checked the dimmer switch, still turns on the reading lamps and floor lamps and such

It could be that the dash dimmer control has failed (the interior light setting could still work).

i dont know if this information helps but it might. I had a friend install fog lights, and he was trying to tap the power wire into the ash tray light, and after a few times of trying to get it to work, dash lights and heater/ ac control lights went out

This would have been nice to know. Chances are the additional load fried the dimmer control.

The trouble may be due to a failed dimmer control as Tardis stated. The dash lights are most likely on a seperate circuit from the other lights the dimmer controls. There also may be a bad power connection somewhere after the light switch and unless you have at least a test light probe to check for power you are wandering in the dark. If you don’t have one I suggest you purchase one to help you find the trouble. Another key component to have is a wiring diagram for the car. I would check to see if power is getting to the dimmmer control for the dash lights using the test light while the lights are on. If there isn’t any power at that point then I would guess that either the light switch is bad or there is a bad connection in the power lead to the dimmer control. Having a diagram will be a big help on where to look and what to check. You might be able to find some info at your locale library if you don’t want purchase a manual for the car. Having a service manual for a car is a ‘must have’ in my book, especially for one that old. You know problems are going to happen over time. The manual can save you a lot of repair costs if you do your own work on small jobs like this.

how do i test that? how is it still able to turn on the reading lamps and such if it is fried

Dimmer control isn’t wired to the reading lamps. Dimmer control must be disconnected and tested.

if i turn the dimmer switch all the way up, it turns on the reading lamps

That a different part of the control. There are electronics inside to vary the voltage to the dash lights to set them at the brightness level that you want (rheostats used to be used to do that). This part of the control has failed.

ok, so if i take the dimmer switch off, is there a way to test it?

That’s a separate on/off switch within the dimmer that turns on the interior lights. I’ve been talking about the variable resistor that controls the ‘DIMMER’ function of the dimmer, wired to the illumination circuit of the dash board lights, radio, and A/C-Heater controls.

sorry, still confused, is there a way to test the switch?

Yes. You need a multimeter to check for continuity and the ohms of the variable resistor. A wiring diagram would be very helpful to make sure your testing the right connections.

You might want to consider a poor ground to the dash.