Electrical SNAFU

My 2001 Buick LeSabre has lost electrical function on the doors. The electric windows, window lock out option, door locks, trunk release and mirrors all do not function. This happened all at once in a drive through marked by the trunk opening on it’s own twice. The fuse relay for the windows is not bad, and the key fob still operates both the trunk release and the door locks, indicating to me that it is not the individual functions, but some common electrical link going to the doors.

I would look for a short problem with the wires running to the drivers side door. Look where the wires go to the door on the hinge side of the door.

Can passengers operate the their windows and door locks? Are the trunk release and mirrors control on the driver’s door? If the answers are “Yes”, and “No”, respectively, the BCM (Body Control Module) and circuitry may have a problem.

None of the window switches work on any of the doors. The trunk release and the mirror control are both on the drivers door as well.
I like the BCM idea, the wiring looks solid on the doors.