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03 buick lesabre problem

my buick has a weird problem, basically it wont start the security light comes on, nothing and i mean absolutely nothing works inside of the car and the power window circuit breaker under the back seat is burning hot, obviously its an electrical problem but im thinking its the body control module but i want to be sure it is before i have to go buy one and pay to hsve it unlocked…any suggestions on what it could be?

If the power window breaker is “burning hot” then get that attended to immediately. I would pull the breaker and live without power windows until that problem is corrected. When that is done then you can concern yourself with the other problems. I would find a local independent mechanic that’s familiar with GM vehicles. Good luck.

To find a fire, follow the trail of smoke. I’m not sure why you think the BCM is causing the problem. You have certainly proved that there is a real problem with the window circuit and that problem should be cleared first, in my book at least. I suggest you disconnect the circuit breaker so no current can flow to that circuit. Disconnecting it will quickly tell you if that is causing your other issue; and I think it is. Depending on how the circuit breaker is connected to the power lead you may want to disconnect the negative battery lead before you work on that so you won’t short anything if you have to take some screws loose to disconnect the power lead to the breaker. Make sure the removed power lead stays isolated from everything else if it can possibly touch other things, especially ground. If doing that gets things working again then you need to find the problem in the window circuit. My first suspect would be with the wiring to the main panel in the driver side door. Possibly in the door jam. A lot of window circuit problems happen there due to the stress on the wiring from the door movement. I suggest you use an ohmmeter to check the load side of the circuit breaker wiring to check the short. The resistance between that lead and ground will go up once the short is removed from the circuit.

If something else is causing the problem with the ignition then check voltage getting to the fuses under the hood. Make sure they are good and have proper voltage. If that area is okay move on to the ignition switch and fuses in the dash. The ignition switch usually supplies power to those fuses.

I guess I should mention one other thing. Whenever there is a problem with the main battery power one should always remove the battery connections and totally clean them up. Even if they ‘look okay’. So many power issues in cars are created by those simple but very important connections. Many folks let them corrode up and never give them a second thought until they have a problem. When it comes to reconnecting them just use enough torque to keep the connections from moving sideways around the posts. Over tightening the clamps and stretching them out is another common mistake that is made. Once the connections are placed back on the posts the final step is to seal the battery connections with a spray sealer.

the reason i believe its the BCM is because the whole car is dead(accessories) and its not just the power windows thats wrong with it, it will not start, i jumped a screwdriver across the starter and it ran for roughly 3sec and shutoff…

Did you try pulling the power window fuse and the try starting it?

Well before you determine the BCM is bad and replace it you need to verify power is at least getting to it. I am willing to bet good money the trouble isn’t with the BCM and you will most likely find that when the window circuit breaker is disconnected other things will work again.