2002 Accord Jumping

Hello everyone,

So I recently bought a 2002 Accord, 6 cylinder, for a good deal.

It ran great for about 2 weeks. Then I noticed there was a short delay upon pushing the gas pedal to acceleration.

Eventually that delay turned into something more insidious lol.
I push the gas, it would jump, like you were repeatedly pushing gas and brake within fractions of a second of each other, some people might even get whiplash.
It’s mainly when the car is cold, but not always. You really never know when this will happen. Always involves accelerating though.
I looked into it a little more and noticed the resonator box behind the wheel well was wrapped in foil Hvac tape. No sure if that would cause this though? Maybe bad fuel to air mix?
Any ideas appreciated!!

Do you have any diagnostic codes? Check engine light on?

If no codes and no check engine light … hmmm … well could be an automatic transmission problem, so first thing is to check the transmission fluid level. After that might be time to do a proper transmission service.

If you think it is the engine, not the transmission … hmm … with no codes the only time I’ve had something like that on my corolla was caused by slightly clogged fuel injectors and a misadjusted throttle position sensor. It was most noticeable in slow speed neighborhood driving, felt like the car wouldn’t accelerate when I wanted it to, then would suddenly really accelerate, sort of a jumping sensation as you describe. It would do this when decelerating too, as I tried to fine tune the amount of deceleration I wanted, it wouldn’t gradually slow, but slow it fits and bursts. Try a can or two of fuel injector cleaner, and if that doesn’t solve it ask your shop to check the throttle position sensor. A sticking throttle butterfly valve could cause it too. Best of luck.

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Automatic or manual transmission ?

Automatic, check fluid level. read your owners manual on how to do that, or possibly on the transmission dipstick.