Acceleration question


I have a '92 accord 5 speed. I began to notice that when I step on the accelerator theirs a slight hesistation. It is very prominent when shifting gears
No problem when the car is idling. Any suggestions?

Thank you

It could be any number of things. A clogged fuel filter or a dying fuel pump are two possibilities. Is all of your maintenance up to date? Your check-engine light isn’t on, is it?

Check enigine light is not on, replace fuel filter last year
how difficult is it to replace the fuel pump

Get the fuel pressure tested before replacing the pump.
No point guessing and throwing parts at it.

When’s the last time the valves were adjusted?
Get compression test.
Might be time for a new (remanufactured) distributor.

1992? How many miles on it?

There are a whole lot of possible causes…and whole lot of things that can all be contibutors. I’d suggest starting by checking the compression and the fuel line pressure.

You have Throttle Body Injection, which is one injector located in the throttle body rather than one at each intake port, and at this age a malfunctioning or worn injector would not be ut of the question. I say “worn” because if the orafice has eroded to too large a size the fuel won;t be misting, but sort of splurting. Tha would give your engine pause while it tries to get itself sped up a bit to clear that “richness”. It’s sort of like a momentary flooding.

Your ignition system is going to include sparkplug wires, a distributor, a rotor, and a cap. It’ll probably be vacuum-advanced via a diaphragm. If any of those parts are worn or the diaphragm is leaking, that would give your engine pause.

The bottom line is that you have numerous possible causes. Many will be obvious to a tech with a scope and a vacuum gage, but if you desire to do as much as possible, start with the basics.

“You have Throttle Body Injection”

Really? My 1985 Accord had multiport injection.

In that case I stand corrected. Surprised, but corrected.

If it’s not fuel related it could be caused by retarded ignition timing. Any history of a timing belt change before this problem surfaced?